#SmithForFifth – Recap

September Highlights

Why Did I Abstain?

After our first meeting, I received questions from several constituents regarding why I chose to abstain on 4 of the 33 resolutions. Here is what I shared with those individuals so that it was clear as to why I voted the way I did. If you ever have questions regarding my representation for the 5th district, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

I can summarize with three words: TRUST BUT VERIFY

This first meeting presented 4 resolutions that I felt to lead to abstain from simply because I did not have enough information to qualify a “Yes” or “No” vote. Three of the resolutions were with regard to school bond funding. As all of my supporters are aware, I ran on a platform to research ways to lower our overall county debt. In the past 10 years we have seen our county debt grown by more than 88% to where it is now more than ONE BILLION dollars in debt and have seen that debt grow by over 88% while our population has grown by just over 32%. While the need for funding essential services for our growing population is a real challenge, we have to find new ways of approaching these challenges that do not continue to put a larger debt burden on our families. So, voting on any resolution that increases our debt without having a clear plan for alternative funding or pursuing aggressive cost saving measures, is not a decision I will take likely.

Regarding the request to pay a contracting firm to research how to streamline our septic approval process, I just had too many questions regarding turnaround and objectives for this contract to be able to vote at the time the resolution was brought forth.

I will continue to do my part and research, as much as I can, any resolution that I feel does not meet the needs of our families. I want my supporters to be assured that if I vote YES, it is because I am confident it is in the best interest of our taxpayers and continues to protect our identity as a county that values Faith, Families and Freedom.